“The impact of sun rays on the Earth is different in the different seasons. If we take the Northern hemisphere, it is more negatively charged at the beginning of spring; and thus it receives most life energy at that
time of the year. Therefore, for the Northern hemisphere the sun rays have the most healing effect during spring in comparison with the other seasons. From March 22, (in the Northern Hemisphere) the Earth becomes gradually more positively charged. During the summer, it is already quite positive, and therefore, it receives less prana. (The summer solar rays are still effective, but to a lesser extent.)

“In the beginning of spring, there is more prana and the organisms receive it more. During summer, only the heat is more abundant, but not the prana or liveforce which is abundant at the beginning of spring. There are certain signs from which one can recognize when there is more prana accumulated in Nature.

“So, the solar energy in each of the four seasons manifests four types of influence. Spring and summer represent the influx of solar energy toward the Earth, while autumn and winter—its reflux.” (32:9)

The Master in the Rila Mountains“After our morning exercises at the ‘Lake of Purity,’ the Master began to speak about Paneurhythmy:

“You should come to know the scientific side of Paneurhythmy. Nature likes to reach great achievements with
the smallest efforts. In Paneurhythmy, the powers of human mind, heart, and will are set to work in harmony. Through Paneurhythmy people will get to know how to receive the natural forces. We perform these exercises outdoors and in the morning because of the best conditions existing at that time of the day. These exercises should be done from the 22nd of March until the 22nd of September. According to the Law of Evolution
we begin first by working with the body.

“The paneurhythmy movements are simultaneously mechanical, organic, and mental. Everyone who perceives the essence of these movements will be able to come in contact with the Evolved Beings. As these movements have a great influence on human consciousness, they transform into a psychic process of inner awareness.

“If you hold your arms loosely during the exercises, you will not establish contact with the forces of Nature. The arms should be held well-extended. Only then will you come in contact with the forces of Nature during the exercises. Also, when you perform Paneurhythmy, often you think about your everyday things: about houses, bills, and so on. When you do these exercises, your thoughts need to be focused. Movement implies life. Without movement, life cannot manifest itself. Your movements need to be conscious. Yet in order to move ahead one centimeter, you need to have some goal, something to achieve.

“Movements are powerful because they can harmonize you with all intelligent Beings who move. Power comes from this harmony. If you do not come into contact with these Enlightened Beings, you will remain disorganized and will continue to live in the world of contradictions.

“When you perform Paneurhythmy, your movements should be neither too quick, nor too slow. Project your thought into the forward arm and hand pointing upward and into the backward arm and hand pointing downward. When you bring your arms and hands down, project your thought through them; then the energy will go through them to the center of the Earth. Yet when the arms and hands are directed upward, the energy will go through them to the center of the Sun.

“I am telling you only the general principles. During the exercises, you will be left free to learn by yourselves and get accustomed to them. Pass your thought through your arms and legs. You need to know that by doing so the Universe is manifesting through you.

“You are hurrying in your movements. You rush to finish the exercises. Sometimes it is better to do only three exercises, but properly and carefully. If the paneurhythmy exercises are performed quickly, they will not be beneficial. They need to be done slowly and consciously—with the participation of the mind. The consciousness attracts the energy.

“When you move the right leg or arm forward, you call some forces of Nature into action. When you move the left leg or arm forward, some other forces of Nature are being activated.

“When you lift up your arm, it should create an angle of 45o with your body. This angle should not be smaller or bigger, because the 45o position is most harmonious. The arm which is behind should be at an angle of 45o as well. When both arms in front and behind are at the angle of 45o, we will perform the correct movement:
and there will be a circular movement of the electromagnetic forces. This electromagnetic circle will surround the whole body: front, back, above, and below. When this circle has been formed correctly, you will feel yourself in harmony.

“The rhythm needs to be right.

“You should step on the toes, not on the heels. First on the toes, then on the heels. Stepping on the heels first puts the spinal cord in stress.

“When you extend your arm upward, the movement should be first horizontal and then upward. The front part of the arm denotes the Divine World; the middle part (the forearm)—the spiritual world; and the base (the upper arm)—the material world. When you move your arms, project your mind into them as well. (2:248-250)

“You need to have a clear view of the world in order not to be misled. There are three things to be studied in the world: thoughts, feelings, and movements. Thoughts give form and direction to things, feelings provide content, and movements are the ‘garment’ we cannot be without, moreover, the ‘garment’ plays a very important role in nature.

“When I observe the exercises I see the need to correct them. The way you do them is not energy-efficient: you lose much energy instead of gaining it. You are hardly using one tenth of the energy provided, in fact, you are wasting a lot of it. These movements come from different sources: plants, animals, and humans which
are very much intertwined and interconnected in life. I say to you, the genuine, true movement needs to be restored.

“The fingers need to be together, not separated or spread out…

“Study the exercises step by step in order to learn them properly, to perform them with grace and in no way jerky. A lot of energy is lost by sharp movements; they are of a different character. Arms and legs are two opposite poles and play a very important role. Those who do not know how to command their arms and legs will achieve not much. The head is between these two poles—it is the center.”(3:365-383)

“It is necessary to balance the physical movements with those of the feelings and thoughts. They need to be harmonized. Then the conflicts existing today will be resolved. For example, two people are in discord. They could come into harmony by beginning to sing together.

“Every exercise represents a psycho-physiological act. Each thought and energy should be embodied in order to be expressed.

“If you can move your arms in all directions, it indicates that your will power is as it should be. Otherwise, it would be a sign for some mental, emotional, or volitional problem. Therefore, you need to perform the paneurhythmy exercises regularly, day after day so that you would be able to remove such problems.

“With these exercises, you are going to correct your thoughts and feelings.

“When you balance the energy of your legs, the relationship between you and the Earth will be restored because the energy of the legs is related to the center of the Earth. Before that, a correct relation between your energy and that of the Earth cannot exist.

“There is a conscious relationship between the Earth and the Sun. Therefore, you should restore your proper relationship with the Earth. When you move your legs, you need to focus on them, and you will begin to feel well-disposed.

“Our nervous system is still in development. We have not yet finished the makeup of our nervous system. In every individual life, new neural dendrites and elements are being formed, and also organs for the new ideas are being formed. Therefore, we need to guard well our brain system.

“Some consider exercising as a burden. This is a misunderstanding. Whatever the exercises are, as far as they can attune you to the energy of the Earth and the Sun, they are good. However, exercises which cannot achieve this are needless. When you meet someone who is attuned to the energy of the Earth and the Sun, this person is like a blooming flower or like a ripe fruit.

“In the past, religions had the goal to bringing people into alignment with the earthly and heavenly forces. As they have currently lost their original significance, they just want people to become of good moral character. However, if you cannot bring someone into alignment with the universal forces, how could they become so? If you do not tune the violin, how will you play something nice? First you tune the violin and then the second process follows—playing the violin.

Paneurhythmy at Izgrev: the “Sun Rays”“Now you are going to study the first process: attunement. It is the simplest one. Everyone can do it. In the morning, you will first do the exercises with your arms and legs, and then during the whole day, everything will be perfect. God and all good people will be with you.

“When we step on one or the other foot during the paneurhythmy movements, all chakras are stimulated and changes occur in the positive and negative energy currents, in the creative and constructive currents.

“In Paneurhythmy, mental activity is connected to the music and physical movements.

“You need to perform the exercises in order to rejuvenate. With Paneurhythmy, one gradually obtains softness and gentleness.” (2:251-252)

“There is a science of movement which people need to study. Movements should not be monotonous, mechanical. Sometimes you need to perform some work with the right hand, and sometimes—with the left. Sometimes you should leave your home stepping first onto your right foot followed by the left foot, and sometimes vise versa: first with the left foot and then with the right.

“Many people today do not understand these principles; they are not familiar with the science of movement, and as a result, they meet with great contradictions. For example, someone heads to do a good work and begins with the right foot which is a carrier of positive forces. In such a case, that person will not have any success in his work. Why? It is because repulsion always exists between two positive quantities. In order to succeed in your work, you need to begin with the left foot which is a carrier of negative energy; the opposite quantities always attract each other. Therefore, when you are beginning a particular task, you need to know with which foot to step first: the right one or the left.” (4:109-110)

“People today do not understand what Bulgarian music is. Do you know how much time is needed to purify it? To be purified in such a way that only the genuine Bulgarian music remains that expresses how the Bulgarian has searched for solutions in life? He has passed through two phases: a long search—this is the prolonged
music; and then his decision to dance—this is the playful music. And then he said, ‘No, not like that. More search is needed,’ and he began again the prolonged music. The Bulgarian stays between these two states: he is locked in, and there is no exit. Now it is necessary for a third state—the solution of Life—to come into the Bulgarian music. Bulgarian folk music has not yet resolved the questions of life. It has two motifs, but the Bulgarians need a third motif as well: a third type of music which brings resolution of the questions of life. After forty years of work in this direction, I gave a resolution through the exercise ‘Sun Rays.’ Through the movements, music, and lyrics of this exercise, I gave an example of how to find a resolution, of how to
exit the ‘closed’ circle.” (1:30)

“The circle of Paneurhythmy was quickly forming. The Master was taking his place in the middle, close to the orchestra and was performing the movements, and we followed by watching him. For the ‘Sun Rays,’ we lined up in 12 rays with a circle of people in couples around them. We finished with the glorious march of the ‘Pentagram,’ and afterward, we gathered around the Master to sing Himn na velikata dusha [Hymn of the sublime soul], Az moga da lyubya [I can love] and other songs. After that, we began to talk. In one such talk, among other things, the Master spoke about Paneurhythmy:

“Paneurhythmy is a Science which regulates the physical, spiritual, and mental functions in human beings and is a synthesis of human thoughts, emotions, and actions. The harmonious movements of Paneurhythmy are a method of the Enlightened Beings for self-education. These movements are in connection with the
human thoughts and emotions. If not, they would be mechanical and would not possess this stimulating and rejuvenating influence upon mind and soul. All advanced nations and the people of the next, sixth generation will become spokesmen of Paneurhythmy, which requires that one should simultaneously think, feel, and
move in a harmonious way. Paneurhythmy needs to be applied in the education of the individual, society, and humankind.

“Every tone has a movement. It is an art to be able to combine music and movements. If you speak the Language of Nature, she will respond and ask, ‘What do you desire, please?’ But if you do not speak her Language, she will be silent. All the gifts acquired in the world will one day become available to the whole of humankind. That which each one of us acquires, will become available to all. In Paneurhythmy, all three Worlds are combined in harmonious ways, and no better system exists. When all music, movement, and internal life are present, then the entire human being is participating. Truth needs to be put into movements; then these movements will remove obstacles and a Path will open.

“In Nature, all movements are meaningful. Slavic dances should have meaning as a foundation. In the future, when people move and perform their activities, all of their movements will be harmonious because thought, emotion, and will will participate. Each corresponds to a spiritual quality: there are movements of goodness,
of compassion, and of justice. There is no virtue which does not have a line of movement. You should study this and make experiments once, twice, ten times, one hundred times until you find them.

“In Paneurhythmy, all geometric lines—straight, curved, and mixed—are put into motion. Each line has an influence upon the human consciousness and brings to life new forces: physical and spiritual. Songs need to be transformed into movements in which the arms, the legs, and the entire body participate…

“During the paneurhythmy exercises concentrate, think upon the movements and the sublime ideas implanted in them, and then your thoughts will pass into the arms, the legs, and so on. If you are not concentrating upon every movement, then there will be no benefit in this, as each movement determines the next one because they are connected. With these exercises the Bulgarian opens the closed circle and finds an exit.

“One’s strength lies in one’s concentration during the exercises. And when we perform them with Love, with the heart, and not mechanically, Living Nature participates in our movements. She sees if the correct rhythm is present. And if it is not, she does not participate; and all our work is then in vain. When you lower your
arms toward the Earth with an awakened consciousness, you will receive from her the positive energies, and you will send to her your negative energies. When you sit down upon the earth, you need to be content. Then you will have a correct exchange of energies, and as a result, you will immediately feel rested. Every action you do should be a sacred act. One can walk and run barefoot in the morning dew. Every day pass your thought at least three to four times through your arms, through your legs, and so on.

“The one who loves has musical movements of certain amplitude, and they have a beautiful effect. When one expresses these movements in music, then their effect will be different. I have rarely listened to music which begins with the essential tone of Love. If music began in such a way, then the song would bring relaxation.

“Paneurhythmy exercises transform the energies from mechanical into organic and from organic into psychic. Paneurhythmy sustains the harmony among the respiratory, central nervous, and digestive systems; and among the mind, soul, and spirit…

“When you perform gymnastic and paneurhythmy exercises, the muscles, fingers, and toes should be outstretched, your toes extend. This is an entire science—osteology, the science of the bones. When you make even the smallest extension of the bones and muscles, more blood is then drawn into them, and in this way, you are healing yourselves. Through these exercises, you can become a master of your entire body. Then there will be flexibility in your movements, and you will move with grace. When the arm is extended and pointing upward, there is a contact with the solar forces. And when it is extended and pointing downward, there is a contact with the earthly forces. If it is not extended, it is not in contact with any forces. And it is not enough to stretch it out; the consciousness needs to be allowed to participate as well…

“Some make bigger steps, other—smaller; synchronization is required. If a couple consists of a tall and a short person, then the tall one will naturally make big steps and the short one—small. Therefore, it is advisable that couples be compatible in size.

Paneurhythmy at Izgrev“Let the whole body participate in each movement and let each cell move in the space where it is situated; if not, you cannot be a true dancer. All the parts of the body need to become conductors. In certain movements, you should begin to move your neck in different directions. If not, the influx of blood to the head will be restricted. When you are alone, do various movements with your neck.

“Each one of our movements needs to be Divine. In Paneurhythmy, do not allow disharmonious movements. Those who perform them in such a way cannot serve God. Be diligent. God likes the diligent ones. First learn the exercises and then the theory behind them. All ancient mystical schools had rhythmic exercises as a method for instructing their students in music and flexibility. The exercises which I am giving you now have also been performed in the ancient times in secluded places by holy adepts for the purpose of great achievements. Modern science does not have data on Paneurhythmy and does not know what kind of movements the body needs to make during a certain song. Because we are in the time of the coming of the New Epoch, a new foundation of Paneurhythmy is being laid. Previously, it had been involutionary; but now it is evolutionary. The ancient dances had been involutionary. And now, in the evolutionary period, we collect the energy which we applied during the involutionary.

“Those on the Sun are eagerly observing our endeavors to dance the Solar Rhythm. On the Sun, great paneurhythmy exercises are performed on a vast plane. The movements are a silent communication which needs to be studied. Each movement expresses a certain idea, a certain thought. The movement is an expression of the music, a musical form. From all of the ancient nations: Hindu, Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Greek, and from the today’s nations as well, movements need to be taken. However, only such ones which today are passing into a new form because certain exercises, which have been right in the past, need to be changed for today. In Paneurhythmy, I am giving only the fundamental movements, only the seed. And each movement—when it is seeded—will develop; will be formed into a new movement. Within the esoteric science, certain movements exist; and when you perform them, they have a beneficial, a magical effect. Paneurhythmy is brought down from other Worlds and your eyes need to be opened so that you are able to
see how many Sublime Beings are participating and are present here. That which these paneurhythmy exercises give, no other exercise can give to you; but they need to be performed well, in accordance with all the principles…

“One sister shared, ‘Master, it is amazing that we feel refreshed, uplifted, and rejuvenated every time after Paneurhythmy. Throughout the entire day, we are with an uplifted spirit. And sometimes, when for some reason I do not do Paneurhythmy, I feel a deep loss within.’
“The Master said:

“The paneurhythmy exercises bring the body and the will into attunement with the mind and the emotions; and these four—into attunement with the Spirit. The problem is that people have lost their connection with the Divine World. There are movements, thoughts, emotions, and actions that are not in harmony with God; and
as a result, one separates oneself from Him. The most difficult thing is to attune our movements with our thoughts and feelings. When we coordinate them, then all disease will disappear. If you can command your legs as how to stretch, then you can command many other things…

“The one who intends to do good can be recognized by the way he walks. Whatever one intends to do is recognizable by his way of moving. In the movements, all three worlds need to be represented: physical, spiritual, and Divine…

“It is because they do not move enough, people today are suffering from atrophy of the small muscles, and this disturbs their blood circulation. In Paneurhythmy, the small muscles participate. Music combined with movements is the best massage. Then electricity and magnetism will flow freely through the solar plexus and throughout the entire body. We suffer from unnatural movements. The painful movements are a result of the atrophy of the small muscles, and the paneurhythmy exercises strive to bring them into motion. Today the gymnastic exercises in the world are static; and therefore, the muscles become stiff as energy is not brought
to them. People die due to the sole cause of their muscles becoming static. And all parts of the body need to be in motion. Each meaningful movement is always connected with the Intelligent Nature and the beautiful movements which bear Life.

“When I perform paneurhythmy movements, I am focused; but some look like people who are only circling around a safe full of precious things without knowing how to use them. Through Paneurhythmy, you will find the key to the safe, and all that is inside will begin to flow into you. These exercises are magnetic. They rid you
of all worries. They liberate you, and you feel relieved. “Paneurhythmy is a blessing. And it is good for each one of you to instruct at least one person in Paneurhythmy. It is necessary that a group of brothers and sisters be formed who will learn the exercises well and then show them by traveling throughout Bulgaria.

“The laws of physical education need to be followed. All exercises are a method of education. It is necessary to begin from there. Mind, heart, and body will understand these exercises and will assimilate them.

“At present exercises are usually excluded from many religious communities as they are considered to be mundane; but sometime in the past, the callisthenic exercises were spiritual.

“If the exercises are performed rhythmically, they always have a beneficial effect; and within our exercises, there is rhythm and measure. Within Nature, wherever Life of higher consciousness exists, the most beautiful exercises are present. Our callisthenic exercises have a physical, mental, and spiritual meaning. The hand from the wrist to the tip of the fingers is spiritual; the elbow part is mental; and the shoulder is the physical part.

“I observe that some perform the movements of Paneurhythmy not with Love, but in haste. No, you should devote the time for these exercises to God. You lift your arm and say, ‘God, you have given me such beautiful arms!’ The exercises should be performed with Love in order to be meaningful.

“In America, there was a young woman who when she placed her hand upon a tree, it began to grow. She extended her hand, and from it, energies emanated through which she could work. This has an application in Paneurhythmy as well. When you dance it, send into the world a positive wave and people will begin to live
better. With these exercises, you send new ideas into the world. When the water begins rushing, it does work. And when it becomes stagnant, it can do no work.

“The ‘Sun Rays’ and the ‘Pentagram’ were given by the Master recently, and not all of us had managed to learn them well. Therefore, the Master announced that we would gather in the evening to practice. Around 8:00 p.m., we lit bright electric lamps at the clearing, and under their light, we danced the ‘Sun Rays’ and the ‘Pentagram’ many times. First a few small groups of people who knew them well presented them to us, and after that, all participated. Afterward, we gathered around the Master and a conversation began:

“With the exercise the ‘Sun Rays,’ we have the circling of one of the participants around the other. This represents our being in a condition that is still nebulous, but after that, one enters the new world. You circle around and around, but you come to the same place and you say, ‘Is there no way out?’ You find the exit. You rejoice, and this is expressed in the exercise ‘Sun Rays.’ While you are confused, you are circling as a horse that thrashes and flails. In the ‘Sun Rays,’ the circling of one around the other is a closed circle, and after that, they hold hands and begin singing: Ti si me Mamo chovek krasiv rodila [You have given birth to me, Mother, as a beautiful human being]. This is the exiting from the closed circle into an open world. This is liberation.

“I will tell you about another aspect of the song which is sung during the ‘Sun Rays’: ‘You, Mother, have abandoned me for a long time, but now you are back. I suffered without you. What I have passed through! How much I have suffered!’ But we will leave this aspect of the song for now. ‘What I have passed through! And how much I have suffered!’ This we will leave behind, and we will look at the New instead.

“The 12 rays of the ‘Sun Rays’ show that the 12 Gates of Life are open. These are the signs of the zodiac, and the 12 Gates are written about in the Revelation as well. This exercise has two currents: arterial and venous. When you perform it, you will remember that which you have learned earlier, in the past. Through the ‘Sun Rays,’ I set you free and I brought you to the World of Gifts. You should perform it with such grace that something will begin to quiver within you and within that one who watches you. Step in such way as if you were not touching the ground. During the clapping, the right hand should move more and toward the left. And the hands should be elevated a little higher after the clapping than at the beginning. The exercise has the rhythm of the Sun.

“The Bulgarian folk dances rachenitsa are restricted, and this shows that the Bulgarian is confined, has no exit. This is an internal process. Bulgarians have lost the original movements which have been religious and have turned instead to rachenitsa, to stamping very fast in one place. But there is no idea present in these fast movements of the rachenitsa. I decided to give an example of these movements in their pure form. I went to the clearing and began humming three melodies while I was performing movements as well. This is how the ‘Sun Rays’ gradually took form. I had given the music to ‘Idyll’ more than thirty years ago, and many have asked me what kind of lyrics should accompany it. I replied that the time would come for that. And now, in these new exercises, the ‘Sun Rays,’ I gave the text for the ‘Idyll’: Ti si me, Mamo, chovek krasiv rodila. In order to be able to create the motifs in the ‘Sun Rays’—which is known as an ‘open’ motif in the Bulgarian music—I have worked a full thirty years for the uplifting of the Bulgarian consciousness and its adjustment with these new motifs. This will reflect upon the Bulgarian psyche as well.

“The one who dances these exercises will attain freedom. They will be performed throughout the world. Teachers of them will come from this country. With the ‘Sun Rays,’ I am laying a foundation; and therefore, they need to be danced perfectly. All Beings of Light are attracted by them. Through these exercises of the Sun, we lay a foundation; and those Beings will come down to become present within us. When we perform them, the obstacles are removed because the exercises neutralize evil and the Great Advanced Beings perform them as well. The music of Paneurhythmy and especially the ‘Sun Rays’ will awaken souls. Through the exercises of the Sun, the Earth is permeated with solar energy. The solar energies, which come down to the Earth, are used through these exercises which we first take in and then send into space. In this way, many beings are uplifted. These exercises liberate a person from worries.

“The movements, which I am giving you, exist within Nature. And only movements taken from Nature are beneficial. Movements which cannot be found within Nature are not harmonious and are harmful to people.

“The circling of one of the participants around the other during the exercise, the ‘Sun Rays,’ is analogous to the movements of the Earth around the Sun, to the movements of the other planets around the Sun, and to the Moon around the Earth. The exercise, the ‘Sun Rays,’ should be performed in special garments with large toga-like sleeves and with cinctures at the waist. The garments can be in blue, rose, and white colors. In the ‘Sun Rays’ when it is spoken about the ‘Mother,’ it means that Mother within the Intelligent Nature. Within the name ‘Mother,’ is hidden the Name of God. The exercises, the ‘Sun Rays,’ are from the Temples of the initiated and are the music, speech, and movement of the Sun. When you perform them, you become conductors of Love and Light, and you spread those rays and ideas transmitting them throughout the world. And when you sing the ‘Idyll’: Ti si me, Mamo, chovek krasiv rodila, umen da stana, dobre da mislya, dobre da lyubya. Tuy zhivota e na raya [You have given birth to me, Mother, as a beautiful human being, that I may become wise, know how to think right and love well, for this is the Life of Paradise]—then in that moment, luminous words and ideas will begin to quiver within the consciousness of many people in the world. These exercises heal all disease and misunderstanding. The leg which is bent and in the air during the exercises receives the solar energy, and the other leg, which is on the ground—gives.

“One sister asked, ‘Master, what is the meaning of the exercise the Pentagram?’
“The Master said:

“This exercise is performed with five couples, is it not? They signify the five major virtues: Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice, and Virtue (in the narrow meaning of this word). And these couples move and exchange places, do they not? This means that the virtues in a human bring should be put into motion. Until now, the virtues have only been spoken about, but their application today is already needed. Through the exercise, the ‘Pentagram,’ the virtues in a person become alive and begin to work within him. This is the psychic effect of the ‘Pentagram.’ In addition to this, this Idea is being sent into the world and is contributing to the virtues of humankind that they may begin to manifest. Until you learn the ‘Pentagram,’ your success will be limited. (1:51-63)

“Our thoughts and feelings should be present in every single movement. Every movement you make influences Nature. The slightest movement of one’s index finger, for example, affects Nature in her wholeness. The waves of radiant energy that emanate from the fingers will circumnavigate the Earth. In the end they will return to the person from whom they have emanated, with an increase in the good or bad sense.” (31:93)

“We perform these exercises as they are done in the Divine World. These exercises have not been invented: they have been brought down from Above. You could do other exercises as well, but you would see the difference because in Paneurhythmy the material, spiritual, and Divine worlds are integrated. Within Paneurhythmy, there is a flow of energy from one world into another. With respect to the physical, the world is paramount; but with respect to the spiritual, it is not…

“The movements of Paneurhythmy need to be mindful. They are with a preparatory role. They have miraculous power and will influence the entire world, not only the individual. These movements are taken from Nature, from the Universe itself, and so they are in harmony with the Cosmic Rhythm of Life.” (2:250-252)

“Special courses on all parts of Paneurhythmy are needed. A special school on Paneurhythmy will be created because it is a bearer of the new that needs to be introduced today into the culture.” (1:64)Communion with Nature