Paneurhythmy for Everyone

29th September 2019 at 11am

 Plovdiv Cultural Institute

Working with the influence of tone and colour; awareness of body position. The aim is to reach a deeper awareness of the body and the connection between body and mind. The knowledge, gathered in the workshop, is going to be transferred in daily activities of the participants.

Instructor: Dr Svetla Baltova

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Empathy and Paneurhythmy – Partnership Relations

8th June 2019 at 10am

 Saedinenie Concert Hall

The aim is to know better our partner through experiencing together the music and movement. We are going to develop the ability to “hear” the person next to us, to look the world through the eyes of the other, to figure out his or her own rhythm. All these are going to increase the social intelligence and responsibility, tolerance and harmony in relationships.

Instructors: Alexander Stoychev and Snezhina Stoycheva, playing the violin and flute.

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Songs of Paneurhythmy

8th June 2019 at 4:30pm

Ananda Yoga Studio, Association Vidya Project.

The aim of the workshop is art therapy. Detailed acquaintance with the texts and music of paneurhythmy. Working with rhythm and sound. Practices for voice toning and awareness for abilities of one’s voice. Meditative techniques with sounds and visualization. To give a form of the music experience in a drawing.

Instructor: Maria Videva-Stoilova

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Fairy-Tale Paneurhythmy

2nd May 2019 at 5:30pm

Tsar Simeon Garden, the Central Pavillion

The exercises of paneurhythmy are experienced as fairy-tales.

Instructor: Maria Atanasova

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