The project promotes the movement as an instrument to achieve health and beauty, drawing people together in a dynamic urban environment. The general public is introduced with the point of interaction between the physical activity and the unique Bulgarian system, which blends movement, music, singing and meditation – paneurhythmy. It is a group practice, performed outdoor as a means to achieve a balance among body, mind, and spirit, harmonizing the communication with other people and nature. The project provides the organization of educational, physical and art activities all year round for children, youths and adults, assisted by a network of volunteers and sympathizers.

The project culmination is the Interactive Spectacle, guided by the internationally recognized visioner – Yordan Kamdzhalov, when for the first time are going to be combined in front of the audience all the three formats of the Music Laboratory of the Man (a chamber ensemble, a choral format and Bulgaria SINGS) established by Yordan Kamdzhalov. The concert part of the spectacle is on pieces of work of Yordan Kamdzhalov, based on the music and text of the 2-nd part of paneurhythmy, which is built on the basis of Bulgarian traditional rhythms and motives.

The project presents to the citizens and visitors of Plovdiv with the opportunities of Paneurhythmy to have a beneficial influence over people and all aspects of their lives – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We believe that this practice will become well-known for more people in our town and it will have a positive long-lasting impact.

The project enriches the atmosphere and image of Plovdiv as a symbol of tolerance, spirituality and harmony since the ancient times and in the digital world onward.

The project “animates the city” provoking its citizens to move, creating a free access to attractive formats (outdoor workshops, combining music and movement) for relaxation and physical activity in urban environment. The project proposes a new perspective to experience the urban space in unison with nature, movement and music. It allows citizens of all ages to participate in a fascinating physical activity – the circle dance of paneurhythmy. Establishing interdisciplinary forms, the project stimulates the cooperation among citizens, cultural institutions and sports associations, focusing on relation between sport and art.

Location of the events:

  • the Ancient Theatre – Interactive Spectacle of Yordan Kamdzhalov and format Music Laboratory of the Man;
  • Public spaces – outdoor public spaces, such as: the fountains in front of the Municipality of Plovdiv, in front of DNA (the central square), the Central City Garden (Tzar Simeonovata Gradina), the Old Town, the Youth Hill, Bunardzhika, district city parks; – Flash mob;
  • Central City Garden (Tzar Simeonovata Gradina) – Workshop for Children: Fairy-Tale Paneurhythmy;
  • Plovdiv Cultural Institute – Workshops Paneurhythmy for Everyone;
  • The hall of Ananda Yoga Studio of Association Vidya Project – Paneurhythmy training courses for beginners and Musical and Art Workshop: the Songs of Paneurhythmy;
  • Saedinenie Hall, Regional Museum of History, Plovdiv – Music Workshop: Empathy and Paneurhythmy – Partnership Relations;
  • Sacred Architecture of the Body – Paneurhythmy training courses for children.

The project aims is to include more citizens in physical activities and integrating dance and music in the city area. In such a way, the project directs the attention to the human scale of the urban environment and points to opportunities for participation in health practices, bringing people together in the daily round.

The project widens the paneurhythmy circle beyond the former communities and clubs; the living atmosphere in Plovdiv is refined by activities among youths and adults across the time frame of the project; the sinergies among sports and cultural organizations are activated; the paneurhythmic practice is spread in various districts in the city and the country.

The training courses and workshops are provided to continue after 2019 with the same intensive occurrence, with the support of the network of sympathizers and volunteers, which is built during the project.