Excerpts from talks of the master on Paneurhythmy

The impact of sun rays on the Earth is different in the different seasons. If we take the Northern hemisphere, it is more negatively charged at the beginning of spring; and thus it receives most life energy at that
time of the year. Therefore, for the Northern hemisphere the sun rays have the most healing effect during spring in comparison with the other seasons. […]

Therapeutic potentiality of Paneurhythmy

The Paneurhythmy is a Bulgarian system of rhythmic musical physical exercises. The Paneurhythmy has been present in the Bulgarian cultural life for more than 70 years. Its aim is to have a wholesome effect on the psychophysical condition and to improve the quality of life. […]

Introducing Paneurhythmy – Group Exercises, Music, Poetry, Geometry and Nature Combined in Favor of Health

A growing number of scientific publications and researches explore practices with global impact on human health. As a relatively new mind-body practice Paneurhythmy is the least known and least studied in comparison with similar activities like Yoga and Tai Chi. […]